Launching the First Smart Tag Pilot in Japan

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We are excited to announce the launch of our first Smart Tag pilot program in Japan, in partnership with Takachiho Koheki. Together, we’re bringing our cutting-edge Smart Tag solution to a leading electronic retailer, marking a significant step forward in enhancing retail security and operational efficiency.

Transforming the Retail Landscape in Japan

The Japanese retail sector is rapidly adapting self-checkout solutions in response to labor shortages and rising costs. This shift is reshaping how retailers manage their operations and engage with customers. However, alongside these challenges, there has been a notable increase in shoplifting incidents, presenting new challenges for retailers and their store security.

Addressing Retailer’s Challenges

Our electronic retail partner operates over 223 stores and relies on Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. He faces ongoing challenges such as reducing shrinkage, improving employee efficiency, and adapting to the demand for self-checkout technology. These challenges highlight the critical need for advanced security solutions. Our Smart Tags are answering all these challenges. They aim to deter theft, streamline operations, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Smart Tag Pilot Program Details

This pilot program will begin with one designated store and continue for several months. Its primary goals are to gather sufficient operational data and ensure seamless integration within the store environment. The initial phase includes installing 200 Safer Tags, with plans to include Spider Tags later this year. Our team will oversee the installations. We will also provide online training to ensure ease of use with the Smart Tags, which are designed for very straightforward handling.

Throughout the pilot, we will provide full support and remote assistance. Looking ahead, our Smart Tag solution aligns perfectly with the retailer’s plans to implement Scan & Go technology in the future. This integration aims to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience across their network of stores.

Stay updated on our Smart Tag pilot program in Japan and receive insights into how we are revolutionizing retail on the other side of the world. Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and behind-the-scenes information as the project unfolds.

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