Partnership Announcement: rapitag partners with Takachiho Koheki

Safer Tag in use by customer at Self-Checkout Station

rapitag introduces Smart Anti-Theft Tags in Japan

  • Innovative Smart Anti-Theft Tags use cutting-edge technology to enhance retail security and the customer experience in Japan
  • Integration of advanced anti-theft measures ensures seamless self-checkout experiences, enhancing operation efficiency and reducing losses significantly

MUNICH, Germany: June 25, 2024

rapitag, a forefront provider of advanced retail security solutions, announced its partnership with Takachiho Koheki Co., LTD., a respected name in the Japanese retail industry, to introduce Smart Anti-Theft Tags in Japan.

This collaboration aims to elevate security standards in Japan with rapitag’s innovative Smart Anti-Theft Tags. Designed to integrate seamlessly into retail environments, this cutting-edge solution not only enhances protection against theft but also optimizes operational efficiency.

Our Smart Tags represent a solution like no other“, said Senol Sezgin, Head of Sales at rapitag. “By partnering up with Takachiho Koheki, we are opening new possibilities to redefine security measures for Japanese retailers, ensuring a safer shopping experience for consumers and more streamlined operations for retailers. We look forward to collaborating with their team to help retailers address the rapidly increasing theft issues.”

rapitag’s Smart Tags complement Takachiho Koheki’s extensive retail solution portfolio using cutting-edge technology. Moreover, this partnership offers retailers a secure, efficient, and user-friendly option for enhancing store security. These Smart Tags ensure seamless self-checkout experiences, significantly reduce losses, and improve operational efficiency.

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About Takachiho Koheki Co., LTD

TK has 70 years of experience in importing Western technology. Together with detailed knowledge of the Japanese market, we can provide you with the vital support necessary to make your product a success. We’re improving our abilities to anticipate new market trends and capitalize on the latest technological developments. Through all its activities, TK continues to pursue tomorrow’s technology today.

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