rapitag sensors revolutionize retail.

The renewed interest in physical stores sees retailers further invest in digital initiatives for better shopping experiences, smoother operations, and increasing revenue. To support this, rapitag has invented a physical cookie, which enables the customer to self-checkout high risk items. Our smart sensor combines Anti-Theft protection with mobile payment options and in-store localization for inventory management.

Less Theft

Our smart sensors cannot be manipulated with magnets or other tools, as is the case with conventional anti-theft labels: Only a unique, digital and traceable key opens an anti-theft tag after successful authorisation. Which results in less internal and external theft.

More Sales

Eliminate shopping cart abandonment and increase sales with Self-Checkout. Less theft and better inventory management results in a higher On-Shelf Availability. Use our incredible Data Platform and predict customer behavior to boost your sales even more.

Improved Labor

The smart anti-theft sensor can be detached with every smartphone after the successful purchase. Everywhere and anytime in the store. But even at the normal POS, it speeds up the checkout and reduces handling costs for employees. With self-checkout even 100%.

For Apparel

Specially developed for the fashion industry. Designed to perfectly meet fashion retail’s needs. Always display the latest prices, show available sizes and recommend similar products with unique hardtags that match your brand identity.

For Wine & Spirits

Adult beverages are one of the most frequently stolen categories in grocery retail. rapitag’s Retail Cloud for secure self-checkout and its smart sensor tracking through Bluetooth Low Energy, EAS and RFID can protect these high-risk items on a new level. Even digital age verification is feasible. Designed to make retail easier – for both retailers and customers.

For Boxed Products

On-Shelf Availability in the place the customer expects and at the time he wants to buy the product. Find it by intelligent in-store tracking. Take advantage of not only a combination of RFID and EAS, but the next generation of smart sensors with highly accurate Bluetooth tracking.

Digital stores: Scan & Go is just the start

rapitag retail IoT not only enables a theft-proof self-checkout but also the digitization of your physical retail store. Really get to know your customers through in-store analytics. Increase your business outcome through data-driven business and omnichannel marketing. Reduce terminals and checkout spaces to present more products in a better way!

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