Create the critical combination to prevent theft, reduce labor, increase sales and finally improve the customer experience.

 Post pandemic retail shopping has changed forever.   So you need to as well.

About Us

We are rapitag – we invented a “physical cookie” which enables the customer to (mobile) self-checkout high value items, after providing all relevant product information and capturing in-store behavior with a breakthrough IoT platform. rapitag offers various patented anti-theft IoT security sensors for a frictionless (mobile) self-checkout. The best experience for your customers. The best efficiency for your retail store. Our German and US-based company is the trusted partner of international retailers across all industries, solving their core business challenge of how to connect and digitize their physical stores.

What We Offer

You want an efficient retail store. Your costumers want unique shopping experiences. rapitag meets both requirements in one smart retail IoT solution, combining the best hardware products with innovative software, managed by a powerful plattform.

Easy Shopping Experience

Customer behavior and expectations changed; they are asking for frictionless checkout. It's mandatory to enhance the customer experience and make the transition between offline and online more seamless.

Customer Insights

rapitag helps you to get to know your customers. The more customer insights, the better you can create personalized experiences.

Highest Security

Theft is one of the major blockers for implementing Self-Checkout solutions, as it increases by 5 times - that’s why high value and high risks items are not self-checkout ready today. Until now.

Digitizing Retail Stores

Scan & Go is just the start. rapitag's smart sensors bring the benefits from e-commerce to your retail store, like real cookies, and add value by enabling even more digital services.

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