Secure Self-Checkout
for Retail.

for Retail.

Enable frictionless shopping experience with
self-checkout even for the high-risk products!


Secure self-checkout across all retail

Smart Safer Sensor

Secure self-checkout for small valuable products.
Digital, encrypted and trackable keys for the highest security.

Smart Bottle Sensor

Secure self-checkout for adult beverages in grocery retail.
Smart sensor tracking through Bluetooth, EAS and RFID.

Smart Spider Sensor

Secure self-checkout for boxed products such as electronics.
Intelligent in-store tracking for a better on-shelf availability.

Smart Fashion Sensor

Secure self-checkout for fashion products. Displays product info, price, available sizes and recommends similar products.

How does rapitag work


Connect to the tag

Take the product and open your app.
The app will automatically find and connect to rapitag.

See product information, price and product recommendations.

No additional app required, rapitag can be integrated to retailers own mobile app.


Pay & remove rapitag

Select the preferred payment and pay easily on your app.

Once the payment is successful, rapitag unlocks itself.

rapitag communicates with the app and only unlocks after the payment.

No staff help required to remove the hard tag.

Customers can remove the tag easily by themselves.


Leave the store without any friction

Just put the detached rapitag in the box.
Either continue shopping or leave the store.

Enjoy frictionless self-checkout and the most seamless shopping journey!

More than a security tag

up to 5-20%

Less lost sales

Reduce checkout queues and free up your staff with rapitag's smart sensors that enable 1-click purchases. Boost customer experience with self-checkout. Achieve up to 5-20% revenue increase in your business.

up to 30-40%

Less instore theft

Ensure the highest security with rapitag's digital, encrypted and trackable keys. Prevent both external and internal theft in your stores.
Magnets or hocks no longer work, while every sensor opening is stored in our cloud history.


Less labor

Achieve better resource allocation and increase instore efficiency. smart sensors do not require any staff help during self-checkout and up to 78% faster in handling. Free up your staff for other value-added activities!

rapitag implementation around the world

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