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With retail IoT solutions from rapitag.

About rapitag

rapitag is the worldwide leading tech provider for secure mobile checkout and unique customer experiences in retail. rapitag offers the world’s first patented anti-theft IoT security tags for 1-click-buying. The German-based company is the trusted partner of international retailers across all industries solving their core business challenge of how to connect and digitize their physical stores.

What we offer

You want an efficient retail store. Your costumers want unique shopping experiences. rapitag meets both requirements in one smart retail IoT solution, combining the best hardware product with innovative software.

Easy shopping experience

Mobile self-checkout with Scan & Go technology. No more queues with the unique self-opening tags. Scan, pay, remove and go.

Customer insights

rapitag helps you to get to know your customers. The more customer insights, the better you can create personalized experiences.

Highest German security

Security made in Germany for theft-proof self-checkout: Using innovative technologies, rapitag offers world's first patented IoT security tags.

Digitizing retail stores

Scan & Go is just the start. rapitag brings the benefits from e-commerce to your retail store and adds value by enabling digital services.

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In-Store Customer Experience: 6 Ways how rapitag can boost your customer experience

The advantages of e-commerce are characterized by digitization, which was empowered by new technology and business ideas. So why not bring the benefits from e-commerce to stationary retail? People would have a unique shopping experience in offline stores. They could enjoy the benefits of offline and online shopping. Now you might ask yourself how to achieve that? That’s a simple question. rapitag can digitize your store and boost your customers’ experience.


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