Secure Self-Checkout
for Fashion.

Scan&Go enabled smart anti-theft sensor for fashion goods like clothes & shoes. Developed for frictionless retail with highest checkout convenience.

5 times

less theft in
mobile self checkout

up to 60%

faster in handling than
existing anti-theft solutions

within 50 cm

real-time indoor
localization (20 in)


128bit encrypted
low energy wireless technology
communication within 100ms

Multi-alarm technology

Compatible with store's
existing EAS system

Self-alarm feature
of the sensors if breach occurs

Compatible with any checkout system

Scan & Go


Traditional (Staffed)

More than a security tag

Key Features

Suggested Applications

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All tags include a long-lasting rechargeable battery with several hundreds of detachment cycles.

No, our sensors work only with an encrypted digital token, transmitted over low energy wireless technology.

Yes, rapitag works with the biggest retailers in Europe and North America.

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