For you it's about technology. For your costumers it's about the experience.​

You want an efficient retail store. Your customers want unique shopping experiences. rapitag meets both requirements in one smart solution.

rapitag makes retail better –
for both retailers and customers

The world moves faster than ever – apart from the queues in retail stores. It is time for retailers to keep pace with the speed of digitalization. rapitag knows your challenges – and offers one smart IoT solution. Developed to accelerate your retail business and to offer your costumers the shopping experience they want. rapitag retail IoT not only enables sercure mobile self-checkout but also the digital transformation of your physical retail store. 

Data-driven business

Data helps to identify in-store inefficiency, market trends and growth opportunities. Make your business data-driven: Use the collected in-store data, connect customer data, merge online and offline data. Make data-based forecasts and business decisions.

The digitization of retail stores brings many optimization potentials: Make in-store processes like price changes and warehousing intelligent as never before. Reduce waste and losses. Increase revenue and improve supply chains.

rapitag IoT enables the connection of devices, products, stores, customer data as well as online and offline in one centralized Cloud. Benefit from omnichannel synchronization and cross-channel synergy effects. Ideally allocate your marketing budget.

Scan & Go is just the start

Eliminating waiting times in retail through mobile self-checkout is just the beginning of the digitization of retail. Add more value and bring the benefits from e-commerce to your retail store: Targeted promotions, product recommendations and much more.

E-commerce has changed customers’ expectations. The more you know about your costumers, the better you can create personalized shopping experiences. Get access to real customer data and analyze customer journeys to create better ones.

Know your customers. Promote the right products to the right target group at the right time. Engage customers with personalized ads, fully automated and based on real customer behavior. Find the right marketing mix through the analysis of customer data.

Ready for a new shopping experience?

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