Easy & Fast Integration

No additional

Open Source SDK

We offer an open source SDK for easy and fast integration with mobile apps, POS, SCO, etc.

Plug & Play

rapitag smart anti-theft sensors can also be used without a software system. We offer a plug-and-play-ready external microcomputer device with two modes:

plug & play
option available!


We work with the world's leading companies in retail technology and already provide API integrations to their systems.

You do not need to change...

rapitag does not require any change in your existing systems. You do not need to invest in new security gates, checkout systems, or infrastructure to integrate rapitag in your stores. rapitag is compatible with any of them! Simply replace existing security tags with rapitag smart anti-theft sensors to eliminate friction in customer journeys.

Your Existing
Security Gates

You do not need to change the existing security gates in your stores. Our smart Anti-Theft sensors are compatible with both AM & RF gates.

Your Existing Infrastructure

You do not need to setup a new infrastructure. rapitag can be easily integrated into the existing store infrastructure.

Your Existing
Checkout System

You do not need to change your existing checkout system. rapitag works with any checkout system: Self-checkout and classical POS.

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