Who we are

rapitag is the industry leader in innovative, intelligent asset surveillance solutions, which enable frictionless customer experiences.

About rapitag

rapitag developed the world’s first patented anti-theft IoT sensors for retail merchandise asset protection.


With rapitag’s Intelligent Asset Surveillance (IAS) solutions, retailers can:

● Actively track and trace rapitag IAS tagged items, for deeper product and customer behavior insights.

● rapitag’s easily attached IAS tags can simultaneously be unlocked at the point of sale for increased checkout speed.

● Unlocking rapitag’s IAS tags can be easily enabled for staffed checkout, self-checkout, associate’s enterprise mobile device, and even shopper’s mobile device for creating compelling customer experiences.

● rapitag’s IAS tags are difficult to shield; they can also leverage existing EAS infrastructure for alerts at exits.

● Actively inventory tagged items via associate enterprise mobile devices, as associates passively make rounds through the store.

● Innovative cabinet & showcase locks, which are unlocked via associate mobile devices – No more looking for keys.

● rapitag Active IAS tag beaconing allows for stolen item identification, increased deterrence, and aids in apprehensions and merchandise recovery by Law Enforcement.

rapitag is a trusted partner of global retailers across all segments solving their core business challenge of how to securely connect and digitize their physical stores. rapitag has offices in Munich, Germany and Boston, Massachusetts.

rapitag team

Our Story

rapitag’s story started as an university project of two friends to make retail payment process simple and safe. Then, this idea grew bigger and rapitag was founded. rapitag developed one of the world’s first patented anti-theft IoT security sensors for 1-click-checkout.

rapitag milestones


rapitag goes international! Starting the year by winning the audience choice award at the world’s largest retail and e-commerce conference “Shoptalk” in Las Vegas, rapitag opens up new markets and industries worldwide.


Several leading European and North American retailers such as MediaMarktSaturn put their trust in rapitag to rethink retail together. rapitag ends a succesful year by receiving significant funding.


The shared vision of revolutionizing EAS (Electronic-Article-Surveillance) hardtags marks the foundation of rapitag. rapitag develops one of the world’s first patented Anti-Theft IoT security tag for 1-click-checkout. 


No lines, no checkout. The aim of a university project making retail payment processes as simple and safe as online shopping unites two dedicated students.

Management team

We revolutionize retail together.

Tobias Bahnemann

Innovative Visionary, Strategic Leader & Business Growth Specialist

Sebastian Müller

Founder & CTO
IoT and Data Specialist, Software Development Expert & Digital Solutions Pioneer

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