rapitag solves retailers COVID-19 problems.

rapitag offers a smart and secure way for contactless mobile self-checkout which enables any retailer to operate stores with minimal personal contact.

rapitag is here to support you in the era of (post) COVID-19

With rapitag, it is possible to reduce the infection risk in physical stores and increase customer satisfaction. Depending on the store design and industry, it is possible to even leave your stores open, while your competitors have to close due local restrictions.

  • Shoppers get all relevant product information on their own smartphone by connecting with rapitag’s smart anti-theft tags.
  • Using digital payment, customers can buy any product in the retailer’s app or the rapitag app with one click.
  • The reusable anti-theft tag opens automatically & stays in the store, while customer walk out without any human interaction.

Reduce the infection risk for shoppers AND employees to reclaim lost revenues

Scan tag

Scan the tag

Customers hold their smartphone next to the tag attached to a product.


Pay mobile

They pay within the app.

Release the tag

Then the tag can be removed and the customer can leave the store without waiting in a queue.

What you need to know about rapitag

Tag for bottles

Anti-theft tags

We have anti-theft devices for all of your products.


rapitag offers not only a solution that reclaims your lost revenues, but also increases sales.

How it works

Not only you as a retailer have big benefits, also your customers will love it.

COVID-19 offer

-50 % off
  • safe on all new Pilot stores
  • -20 % on Hardware costs (fist offer)
  • 6 Months no Software License costs