Rapitag announces change in leadership and welcomes new CEO

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Munich, 2. 1. 2024

rapitag, a leading innovator in retail anti-theft solutions, has appointed Tobias Bahnemann as the new Chief Executive Officer. This leadership change marks a key moment for the company, with co-founder and outgoing CEO, Alexander Schneider, transitioning to a shareholder role.

Over the past 7 years, Alexander Schneider has played an important role in leading rapitag through a landscape of challenges and successes. Under his leadership, rapitag has become an industry mover, developing a unique IoT product from scratch. With a visionary approach, the company successfully led international projects with major retail brands. Additionally, rapitag made strategic preparations for a high-scale mass production rollout with strong partners, all while cultivating significant growth within the team. 

Reflecting on his journey, Alexander Schneider expressed his gratitude, stating:

Welcoming Tobias Bahnemann as the new CEO, the rapitag team is excited about the future. With 8 years of experience as Co-founder & CEO at Toposens, Tobias brings fresh perspectives, a profound skill set, and extensive industry insights to the leadership team. His background positions him as a dynamic leader ready to guide rapitag into the next phase of innovation and growth. 

The official announcement signifies not only a change in leadership but also a transition to a new chapter for rapitag. The team is enthusiastic about the future under Tobias’s guidance, anticipating further innovations, growth, and success.

rapitag is the industry leader in innovative, intelligent asset surveillance solutions, which enable frictionless customer experiences. Specializing in cutting-edge smart sensor technology, rapitag revolutionizes retail by offering seamless and secure checkout solutions. Empowering retailers to create connected and efficient shopping environments, rapitag is dedicated to shaping the future of retail through its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

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