Top 30 Innovators in On-Shelf Availability include rapitag  

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We are excited to announce rapitag‘s in the Top 30 Innovators in On-Shelf Availability by ECR Retail Loss. We have secured a place among the top 30 global innovations, and experts highly rate our solution for enhancing the On-Shelf Availability (OSA) experience and reducing losses.   

This recognition comes from ECR Retail Loss, a leading organization within the retail sector. They dedicate themselves to developing imaginative thinking and genuine innovation. All while assisting their members in maximizing sales and minimizing losses.  

Uncovering the Top 30 Innovators

The journey to discover the Top 30 innovators in On-Shelf Availability began with ECR’s determination to uncover the most innovative solutions globally. Over six months, they evaluated potential candidates, involving a thorough review of over 500 companies. This process resulted in a list of 114 solutions. A 36-strong panel of store operations and OSA experts, representing international retailers and CPGs from over ten countries, carefully reviewed these solutions.  

“These innovations were highly rated by our OSA expert judges for their potential to shape the future of OSA and find new ways to solve problems they identified across four categories: supply chain, backroom, shopfloor, and upstream design,” commented ECR Retail Loss. 

Achieving recognition among the Top 30

We secured a position among the Top 30 Innovators in On-Shelf Availability not only underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence. It also showcases our expertise in the field, exemplified by our groundbreaking solution, the Smart Anti-Theft Sensors. This achievement follows our success last year, when we made the list of Top 30 Innovators in Self-Checkout Innovation by ECR.

In conclusion, we proudly acknowledge the recognition of our commitment to finding creative solutions that meet the evolving needs of retailers and consumers. We extend our sincere thanks to ECR Retail Loss for this honor, as well as to our customers and partners for their outstanding collaboration. This recognition motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries and striving for excellence.  

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