📅 Save the date: rapitag is exhibiting at the RILA – Retail Asset Protection Conference

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The rapitag team is heading to the US again on 24-27 April 2022!

We will be exhibiting at the RILA – Retail Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, FL. Find us at the Innovation Area to meet and learn how rapitag’s smart anti-theft sensors can ensure highest anti-theft protection, secure self-checkout and bring the best efficiency to your retail stores.

And book a meeting with us to get more information on how we can offer personalized solutions to your business and your customers.

rapitag is exhibiting at RILA Conference.

What Is RILA – Retail Asset Protection Conference?

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) is the US trade association that is partnering with leading retailers to enhance the dynamic retail industry via innovation and operational excellence. Main aim of RILA is to transform the retailers operation environment through collaboration and leadership. RILA brings decision-makers and innovators from the retail industry together at conferences.

This year, the RILA-Retail Asset Protection Conference will take place in Orlando, FL to bring retail giants and innovators from around the world to meet and expand the network in loss prevention and asset protection.

rapitag Helps You to Have a Better Asset Protection

Asset protection is one of the most important challenges for physical retail stores. Brick and mortar retailers focus their efforts on improving their theft protection systems. On the other hand, more retailers are implementing self-checkout to offer a unique shopping experience and improve store efficiency. However, theft is one of the major blockers to implementing self-checkout solutions, as it increases by 5 times. That’s why high value and high-risk items are not self-checkout ready today. As rapitag, we developed the world’s first patented anti-theft IoT security sensors that enable secure self-checkout. rapitag smart anti-theft sensors, ensure highest security against both customer and staff theft in stores with its unique technology that enable tracking every detachment history. Now, rapitag offers various patented smart anti-theft sensors for different retail industries, ranging from apparel and electronics to groceries.

At the RILA – Retail Asset Protection Conference, we will be in the Innovation Area to share and show how our rapitag smart anti-theft sensors can transform your retail stores and enable you to ensure a more secure and efficient loss prevention. Do not forget to come and meet us at RILA Asset Protection Conference to talk about how we can help you with your loss prevention problems.

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