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We hope that all of you are healthy and doing well in this turbulent time! Our response to the current situation was to work even closer together with our retail clients, in order to jointly steer through these uncertain times.

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity!

Albert Einstein

New retail situations needs also new retail solutions! Conceived for post-COVID19 by Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, “New Retail is a critical chapter in the comeback story of physical retail, and the digitization of all retail.

In this new retail rapitag offers a smart and secure way for contactless mobile self-checkout which enables any retailer to operate stores with minimal personal contact! That way you can even have stores without any sales assistant at all.

Three simple steps

This works with three easy steps:

  1. Shoppers get all relevant product information on their own smartphone by connecting with rapitag’s smart anti-theft tags.
  2. Using digital payment, customers can buy any product in the retailer’s app or the rapitag app with one click
  3. The reusable anti-theft tag opens automatically & stays in the store, while customer walk out without any personal contact

With rapitag, it is possible to reduce the infection risk in physical stores and increase customer satisfaction. Depending on the store design and industry, it is possible to even leave your stores open, while your competitors have to close due local restrictions.


Starter Set:  -50% off on all new 3-month pilot stores plus no License costs till end of 2020
Roll-Outs:    -20% off on Hardware costs (first order) and 6 Months no Software License costs

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